Removing Decals From Carbon Wheels 2021

Removing Decals From Carbon Wheels. 1 bottle of acetone 1 cleaning rag(the more rugged the better,for abrasion) Blow dryer on hot, peel & heat as you go, easy as pie.

removing decals from carbon wheels
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Carbon fiber is a lot more delicate than aluminum or steel. Contact atomik carbon directly, not the dealer where you purchased the product.

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Customer is responsible for shipping and handling and the crash replacement must be handled through atomik carbon directly. Decals have become a popular way to customize vehicles in recent years.

Removing Decals From Carbon Wheels

Hold the rim to steady it and simple.Honestly, the best way to get these stickers off without any adhesive left behind is to simply pull them off.I always use the hairdryer when removing decals and it’s worked well.I did however purchase a unbranded ebay carbon frame and then sanded the decals off of my old fork.

I did some research, and decided to move forward with suggested method of usitng a hair dryer to heat the decal and then removing/peeling it off.I just removed an exotic transfer from under the clearcoat on a carbon seatpost.I would not recommend this method, as it leaves alot of adhesive behind on the carbon.If only there was a way to apply a permanent graphic and not have to add a clear coat over top…

If they are a cellulose based decal, then acetone or cellulose thinners should ‘dissolve’ them recipe:It came off suprisingly easily with 400 grit wet sandpaper.Just be sure to pad the rim against damage.Just finished taking the decals off an exotic stem with it.

Maybe cover them up if you don’t like them.Much of the problem had to do with heat buildup.Obtain a small propane torch and a couple of cotton rags.One thing that won’t harm carbon rims/wheels is hanging a bicycle from them on hooks for storage.

Planet x wheelset decals / ct45 stealth logo (12) planet x wheelset decals / 52mm/60mm carbon clincher (6) planet x wheelset decals / 52mm px lines logo (10) planet x wheelset decals / 52mm stealth logo (12) planet x wheelset decals / 60mm px lines logo (5) planet x wheelset.Removing decals from carbon wheel.Removing decals underneath the carbon clearcoat.Removing these decals isnt as simple like removing stickers where you just peel them off and remove the left over glue,but they do have one thing in common the use of acetone.

Returning the damaged product and starting the crash replacement process:Shave legs sparingly, rub in embrocation and.Takes a while but doesn’t risk ruining the frame.The problem with decals on carbon rims is that if you don’t want them to look cheap, or peel off, you need to apply a clear coat over the wet slide.

The wheels on the limited are $3800 alone and the di2 group goes for $3300 for just the shifters, f/r.There is a clear coat over the graphics, so you’d have to scrape that off before you even get to the label.We decided to come up with a few quick and easy tips on how make the removal process go smoothly.When securing a bicycle with carbon wheels on a car rack be sure not to use straps that can chafe and cut into the rim.

When stationary, blank carbon looks better imo 🙂While many are willing to hire a professional to install them, or even do it themselves, very few think of the removal process.While not a huge weight penalty, it still adds up especially with deeper dish wheels.Why they called tampos anyway?!

With tall rims you may need to replace the stock strap with a longer one.You would be risking a lot less then.You’ll also need rubbing alcohol to clean off any glue residue left when you’ve removed the decals if the heat gun has two settings (which mine does) use the low setting and just don’t get it too close.Zipp also recommends goof off alongside latex paint removers.

Zipp states that while acetone (commonly used to remove nail polish) or denatured alcohol are safe, but echoing calvin jones, they state that both will ruin the decals.