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Control Arm Car Part. 200 million used auto parts instantly searchable. A bad lower control arm may cause your steering wheel to pull too much to the right or left side as you’re driving.

control arm car part
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At summit racing, we carry dozens of great lower control arm bushings and upper control arm bushings from your favorite brands, including energy suspension, moog, steeda, skyjacker, allstar performance, tuff country, bmr, hotchkis, and many more! Below are the top 5 symptoms of a bad lower control arm in your car.

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Both components work in unison to provide a solid, stable link with the suspension and body. But if you experience enough of these symptoms together, then you can link them to a bad lower control arm.

Control Arm Car Part

Depending on suspension design, there may be both upper and lower control arms, or just lower control arms.Diagnosing a faulty suspension control arm most modern cars have at least two control arms, one behind each front wheel and some even at all four corners.Even the slightest deformation of a control arm can cause pulling and abnormal handling and tire wear and prevent wheel alignment angles from being adjusted to within specification, and the damage may not be obvious until the arm is compared with the new part.Finally, click on the main image when the individual part you want to search for appears on the right.

Improve the handling of your vehicle with new control arm bushings!In simple terms, control arms are the link that connects your front wheels to your car.In simple words, it is a suspension link that joins the car’s frame to the assembly (known as steering knuckle) that holds a front wheel.In some cars, a control arm is a single beam, see the photo.

It allows your front wheels to change direction without any resistance.It can thus control the position of the outboard end in only a single degree of freedom, maintaining the radial distance from the inboard mount.It is called a car lower control arm when a vehicle has only two control arms.It is located at the bottom and top parts of your front wheel’s spindle and consists of the upper and lower control arm.

It is used to attach suspension members to the chassis.One end connects to the wheel assembly and the other end connects to the framework of your car.Order the part with stock number in hand.Shop our large selection of parts based on brand, price, description, and location.

So, what is a control arm on a car?The control arm connects your car’s chassis to the front suspension system.The control arm is part of the suspension system that helps your car remain in full contact with the road at all times, that’s giving you necessary control.The control arm(s) move up and down with the spring when a car hits a bump or other road irregularity.

The control arms allow a driver to steer a car while also guiding the wheels up and down with the road surface.The control arms are one of the core components of a suspension system and serve as the direct connection points between the front wheel assemblies and the vehicle’s frame.The inboard (chassis) end of a control arm is attached by a single pivot, usually a rubber bushing.The inboard end of a control arm is attached by a single pivot, usually a rubber bushing.

The inner end of the control arm attaches to the vehicle’s chassis and serves as the pivot point as the wheel moves.There are two different kinds of control arms.These pivot points in your car’s suspension system allow the wheels to move in proper relation to the body, and connect to the car between the suspension and the frame.They usually hold the steering knuckles, which support the wheel assemblies, and connect these to the frame of the vehicle.

This allows the tires to maintain contact with the road and, thus, control.This car part is suitable for the following models:To see the individual part, just roll the mouse over the large image in different areas.Typically, the term control arm means the upper control arm and lower control arm.

What happens if the control arm breaks while driving as part of the suspension system, control arms help the wheels safely follow the contours of the road.What the control arm does to assist the suspension system is toWhen coil springs are used in both front and rear suspension, three or four control arms are placed between the rear axle housing and the frame to carry driving and brake torque.Without control arms, your car wouldn’t run as smoothly, and it also wouldn’t be nearly as safe.