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Car Paint Protection Cost. $1200 (are they kidding??) will also buy you shitloads of cleaning/paint protection stuff as well over the life of the car, or insurance on it for the next year or so. 3m car treatments detailing pack:

car paint protection cost
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Although the initial investment may sound expensive, paint protection film ultimately can save you money on costly repairs and repainting. At the minimum, you could correct the paint on your vehicle with a cheap electric buffer (~$50), a bottle of correction compound (~$20), and a microfiber cloth (~$5) so that would put you at a total cost of $75 for diy paint correction.

1972 VH Chrysler Valiant Hardtop Paint Layer Protection

Average cost for car paint protection. But the important question is, should i get a car dealer paint protection detail?

Car Paint Protection Cost

Factoring the cost of ceramic coating.For even more protection, madico’s protekt ppf is backed by a 7.Generally this starts at $700.00 for a brand new hatch back just to protect your paint work, this can go up depending on the size of your vehicle and if you would also like to protect the wheels, glass, leather and fabrics.How much does supagard paint protection cost?

I had one quote for front end clear bra protection for about $2,000, and another $2,000 for full ceramic protection on the whole car, but i think that included paint correction, etc.If the paint isn’t in good condition, this cost can range anywhere from $50 to $800 or more.If you plan on getting your car professionally installed, it can cost from $1,000 to $7,000 depending on the coverage and type of vehicle.Is car paint protection worth it?

Most car dealers will offer add ons alongside the purchase of your car as a way of sweetening the deal, or simply as an up sell to increase their margins, both of which may have their own pros and cons.Or better yet, even a serious dirty weekend away with the missus to celebrate the new car.Part of the preparation work is to touch up the paint.Prices ** car wash (3m foam wash of car body) hatchback:

Pricing starts at $1100 for a full exterior package.That being said, across the country we have specialists who offer supagard paint protection and are happy to answer any questions you may have.The $2,000 cost of protecting the front end on a $25,000 car is about 8% of the car’s price.The cost can be anything from a.

The cost for paint protection can vary depending on the size of your vehicle, age and condition.The cost of applying supagard to your vehicle can depend on the make and model of your car.The cost to respray a car’s paint work or fix small imperfections is very high, running into the tens of thousands of dollars in some cases, so for a minimal outlay of up to $2000 it seems prevention is a far better option than cure.The entire process when carried out by one of mobile car spa’s approved diamondbrite applicators, is then covered by a guarantee from the date the product is applied.

The goal of the paint protection film is to protect the paint and this works best on paint that is in top condition.The hard, high gloss protective skin that diamondbrite creates prevents road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and other atmospheric pollutants from contacting directly with your cars paintwork.The higher price for that would be around $200 we’ll say.The most common question is ‘the paint is already.

The paint protection product i used to sell that i mentioned earlier did include a fabric protection product as part of the package, but it still only cost the dealers about $35 to buy.This means the paint protection film cost varies depending on which areas you’d like the film applied to.To scale the numbers up.We have installed paint protection film on over 1500 vehicles over the last few years and we’ve replaced paint protection film on several cars so we’ve had a good chance to understand the positives and negatives about paint protection film and if it’s worth the.

Well if you read around online or listen to talented ‘detailers’ the answer is a resounding no.With the price tag quickly getting into the thousands, many find themselves questioning if it’s worth the cost associated with the protection.