Web Security module

Security Module is like HTPP Module , which intercept all incoming HTTP request for Web API . It check authentication for each user in each incoming request . For unauthorized / malicious request or attacks for Web API it prevent them and logging in file with important information about that request .

Description :
HTTP Filter - HTTP Filter is used to secure WEB API , which intercept all incoming HTTP request to WEB API . and prevent malicious HTTP request and WEB ATTACKS .
Geo IP - Geo IP is used to get physical location of attacker , whose request consider as a malicious and attack by HTTP Filter.
Hash Table - Hash Table (Data Structure) is used to stored information for user who recently request.
IP Binding - This File is used to check IP Address of incoming request for allowed or blocked (Restricted User) .
Log File - This Text File is used to logging malicious HTTP request with attack type , attack category , IP address , Geo-Graphical location of requested user.