Uploader Project was executed for US based service provider which will get doctor’s patient data automatically from PMS (practice management s/w) and upload them into cloud. It contains two sub modules one is local agent and other is cloud server. Local agent continuously syncs data in bi-directional way. (Local machine to cloud and cloud to local machine). In general way main functionally of this project is data synchronization.

1. Carried out system architecture functional and developed design database.
2. Prepared new modules and assigned work to team members.
3. Accountable for research, testing and documentation.
4. Working on Node.JS module to create WEB API, with using JADE, express MVC architecture, http, database connection with MongoDB and MYSQL, forever, implemented authentication using Passport.js and use many other modules for different purposes.

  • Key Skills : Node.JS, C# Windows Application, Access DB, MYSQL and MongoDB,